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About Us

Ultrasun USA, Inc. is the exclusive importer for Original Dr. Muller by Ultrasun, Ultrasun, Gardasun and Dr. Muller equipment for North America. Ultrasun USA, Inc. was founded in 1993, with a warehouse/office space of 44,000 square-foot (5,000m²) that is well-stocked to meet all customer needs. Customer Service is our #1 priority and we are here to do what we can to keep our customers equipment operational and profitable. We have been owned and operated since 2003 by Ultrasun International which gives us direct access to the source for equipment, parts and technical advise.

Our Company; Ultrasun

Our core competence lies in the developing of successful lines of high quality tanning beds. Using the latest tanning technologies, Ultrasun is a trendsetter in a league of its own, offering its partners creative designs, efficiency and quality at optimal prices.

Taking our customers to new heights by continually researching and perfecting the Original Dr. Muller by Ultrasun tanning technology as well as enhancing the feeling of wellness and refreshment that comes with every Original Dr. Muller by Ultrasun is our top priority.

The synergy between the latest cutting-edge tanning technologies, fascinating design and comfortability of our equipment make up for our exclusivity. In addition, our success is largely due to the passionate commitment of our top management and experienced team of professionals to meet the demands of our customers. As a result, the diversity of our product range make our company the desired partner in the tanning industry.

Original Dr. Muller by Ultrasun has reached the hearts of its clients with its continuous strive for excellence in providing the highest level of customer service through our extensive network of professional distributors. The continuous investment in research and development and quality control ensures many years of problem free professional use of our tanning equipment.

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