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Abuse Policy

We here at UltraSun USA are aware that certain individuals take no uncertain liberties when hiding behind the anonymity offered by the Internet. Be aware there are Internet predators and that UltraSun USA has guidelines for handling abuse of the Internet through UltraSun USA or any part within UltraSun USA. If you feel someone has inappropriately contacted you, which means that comments made to you violate even slightly, your personal sense of safety, contact UltraSun USA immediately. We take this issue seriously and will act immediately and in accordance with our pre-defined procedures to deal with your concerns. Do not hesitate to inform UltraSun USA of any concern about any correspondence you receive.

We in no way want any part of our site to be abused by it's members in any way. There is some things that we do not want to see out of this:

1. We do not want to see members harassing other members. If we catch wind or a member comes to us for help, your account will be terminated and we will follow or policy course of action.

2. We do not want you to take your hatred, or anger out on any of the users on this site.

3. We freely accept opinions and your rights to free speech in general, but we don't want individuals creating accounts just to bash our company, equipment or any affiliates associated with us or our customers.

Last Updated: June 21st, 2013

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