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Our History

The History of Ultrasun International ...

Ultrasun International was founded by Willem Fabels in 1974. Willem started off working from his office at home but soon found out he needed more space, and so Ultrasun opened its first office/warehouse facility in Enschede, the Netherlands in 1975.

Original Factory

The first facial unit produced by Ultrasun was the UltraSun 1500. Many of these facial units were exported across the world to be a great success. Ultrasun was renowned for its sturdy and solid tanning beds (sunbeds), which Ultrasun to this day is still renowned for!

First Facial Unit

The industry started manufacturing sunbeds completely made from metal. In the sample picture shown below you can see how the sunbeds have really evolved over the years. Sunbeds now have many different color options as well as different features and options to choose from. They are also now not completely made of metal to accommodate the weight, styling and to help make the equipment more competitive on pricing.

20k Tanner

In 1984 Ultrasun Germany was founded. In Salzbergen, just over the Dutch/German border another Ultrasun production facility was constructed and setup to assist with the volume of production needed to supply the demand for the Ultrasun equipment.

In 1985 Ultrasun International's Headquarters was expanded to accommodate for the need for a bigger warehouse facility as well as more office space. Ultrasun moved into a two story building in Hengelo, the Netherlands, which has currently been re-modeled and used by the Sunfit Lighting division.

Sunfit Lighting

Due to the tremendous success of the sunbeds and to meet customers demand, Ultrasun International again moved to a new location in Hengelo. Since 2002 Ultrasun International is situated in a 95,000 square-foot (10,000 m²), five story production/office facility.

Ultrasun NL Headquarters

In 2003, the production facility of Ultrasun Germany, which was also expanding rapidly, needed to move to a bigger facility. They built a new 72,000 square-foot (7,500 m²) production and office facility in Salzbergen.

Ultrasun Germany

Ultrasun is an international company, founded in 1974. For more than 35 years, Ultrasun has been a leading supplier of tanning equipment for the professional market.

Nowadays Ultrasun is a company with more than 120 employees worldwide, with locations in Holland, Germany, UK, China and here in the USA. Ultrasun is a very successful in selling all over the world because of it's excellent tanning performance, price and quality combined to be a perfect balance. Ultrasun now exports to more than 55 countries worldwide and is ever expanding.

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