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Capacitor 1.5 µF (R2E097)

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1.5 µF Capacitor for the EBM Papst R2E097 Exhaust Fan.

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Ref. No:  3C0151

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1.5 µF Capacitor for the EBM Papst R2E097 Exhaust Fan.

- Frequency: 50/60 Hz
- Voltage: 450V
- Tolerance: +- 5%
- Mounting: flat bottom-metal fixing stud M8x10
- Cable: Unipolar / Bipolar
- Discharge Resistance Plastic Covering

Fan/Blower Compatibility:
- EBM Papst R2E097 Exhaust Fan

Technical Remarks:
Capacitors when they are weak or failing can cause some issues that don't always seem related to a bad capacitor but can be. In general the exhaust / extractor blower fans are split phase-capacitor start. The capacitor will create a 90º phase shift in one of the windings to push and get the motor started moving. When a capacitor gets weak or is weak, it doesn't create enough push or delays it which can cause vibrations. Two magnetic fields close together as inside of a motor without the proper phase shift will vibrate as they oppose each other and it will sit there and shake; causing vibrating noises at start up. So if you have a fan that vibrates on startup but then eventually runs quietly it could be a weak or capacitor that is going bad and not actually the blower motor on the fan. Also a bad capacitor or one with too high of a value can cause the fan to overheat and will shut off or not work.

* Check the Exhaust/Extractor Fan for the proper Capacitor type.

Additional Information

Reference No. CA0026
Part Number CA0026
Width (package) 3.5
Height (package) 2
Depth (package) 1.25
Reference Only N/A

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