Ultrasun Q22
Ultrasun Q22

Ultrasun Tanning Beds

Ultrasun i9V XOM

Recharge Yourself

For over four decades, Ultrasun International has been a pioneer in responsible tanning. Providing professional tanning beds to various centers that want to enjoy the benefits of the Recharge Yourself experience: warmth and vitality that sunlight offers.

The Ultrasun Q-Series consists of luxurious tanning beds of various sizes and designs.

With a design and size that will undoubtedly catch your eye, The Ultrasun Q22 is one of the most exceptionally looking tanning beds in the Q-Series. Its various features enhance the tanning experience to extraordinary levels.

Ultrasun Q22 DWM
Ultrasun Q18 DWM

The Ultrasun Q18 is one of the most sought-after tanning beds in the USA. Its high-quality tanning capabilities are what sunbathers are looking for.

The unique Ultrasun Q14 delivers a full-body tanning experience. Its size and esthetically pleasing design make the Q14 perfect for tanning studios and salons.

Ultrasun Q14 DWM
Ultrasun Q10 DWM

A classic tanning bed that that outside looks compact but inside boast from a spacious interior.

The perfect starter tanning bed for those who want to feel the Recharge Yourself experience.

Ultrasun Q6-2
Ultrasun Q6-0 DWM

A tanning machine with all the basic features to give your skin that extra glow.

The Ultrasun i-Series comprises of the world’s best sold and largest upright tanning beds.

Ultrasun i9 DWM

The largest upright tanning bed in the world. Get a seamless tan and have enough space to move around.

The largest upright tanning bed in the world. Get a seamless tan, move around freely, and tone your lower body.

Ultrasun i9V XOM
Ultrasun i8 DWM

Complete and perfect body tanning is synonymous with the Ultrasun i8. You can put the i8 anywhere in your salon and have enough space for everything else.

Complete and perfect body toning and tanning with the Ultrasun i8V. Work on your tanning game and your lower-body.

Ultrasun i8 XOM

The Ultrasun E-Series represents the beginner upright tanning bed models, or what we prefer to call them, the timeless classics.

Ultrasun E7 DWM

A timeless classic that has the basic features to boost your tan and Vitamin D levels.

Whether you’re getting ready for summer, want to boost Vitamin D levels, or relax after a workout, all is possible with the Ultrasun E6.

Ultrasun E6