Ultrasun Q22

With a design and size that will undoubtedly catch your eye, The Ultrasun Q22 is one of the most exceptionally looking tanning beds in the Q-Series. Its various features enhance the tanning experience to extraordinary levels.

Ultrasun Q22 FRM

Available Colours

Ultrasun Q22 DWM

Dream White Metallic

Ultrasun Q22 FRM

Fancy Red Metallic

Ultrasun Q22 FRM

Technical Specifications

Top Lamps: 30x Sunfit VRX3 160W E-Tronic | 176 cm
Base Lamps: 22x Sunfit VRX3 160W E-Tronic | 176 cm
Facial Lamps: 4x Sunfit SE 1000W High-Pressure
Shoulder Lamps: 2x Sunfit SE 250W High-Pressure
Maximum Exposure Time:
10 minutes

Power Supply: 3x 220V + PE | 60 Hz
Power: 14.400W
Breaker/Fuse (slow): 60 Amp

Minimum Net Weight(1): 1202 lb
Minimum Crated Weight(1): 1400 lb


1Minimum weight is based on an Ultrasun Q22 with standard configuration. Machine specific weight information available on request

Device Dimensions open: 98 x 59 x 71 inches
Boxed Dimensions: 93 x 57 x 69 inches


Ultrasun Q22 product leaflet

Product Leaflet

Ultrasun Q22 poster


Ultrasun Q22 poster